What is Uncorked?

If wine descriptions make you giggle into your Gewurztramier, Uncorked! is the game for you. No wine knowledge is needed, just gather your "taste buds" and let the wine and creative juices flow!

How It Works

1 Imbibe

Uncork a bottle of happy juice and pick a theme card for the round.

2 DescrIBe

Quaff, swirl, sniff and write whatever comes to mind.

3 Listen

Listen while the wine waiter reads the descriptions outloud.

4 Guess

Earn perfect pairing points for guessing who wrote what.

Need inspIRation?

Remember there's no right or wrong way to taste. Write from the eyes, nose, tongue,
throat or funny bone. Channel your inner wine snob, or just get drunk on adjectives.
Notes Of...

Chocolate • Smoke • Black Currant Rubber • Elderberry • Citrus • Toast Butter • Coriander • OAK Sauerkraut Asparagus • Trout • Kerosene • Dirt Cinnamon • Guava • Stone • Hazelnut Cherry • Skunk • Raspberry Cedar Meat • Peach cobbler • Schnozberry Apple • Barnyard • Cat Pee • Coffee Sulpher • Tobacco • Kimchi • Wet dog


Rich • Chewy • Balanced • Unctuous Laser-Like • Aromatic • Tangy • Mature NUTTY • VigorouS • Earthy • Complex AusterE • DULL • Rounded • Oaky • Heavy Orgasmic • Tart • fat • Flacid • Exotic Astringent • AggressivE • Sparkling Bitter • Velvety • Ethereal • Creamy Fruit-forward • Crisp • Full-bodied

  • "This Rose is crisp with notes of toast, like Ryan Gosling on a Sunday morning."- Kristen
  • "This Malbec just twerked on my tongue!!!"-Miley
  • "A Beaujolais that's aged to perfection, like Blanche Devereaux"-Cash
  • "So fruit forward I'm blushing berry!" -Gunther
  • "This wine is as crisp as Martha Stewart's prison linens." -Erika
  • "A walk down a wet, fruity, ravenous pit."-Brodie

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Meet the winos who created the game

Ashley's a designer. Audra's a writer. Corki's an 8 foot tall wine bottle. They invented UNCORKED! to bring people together and to stick a Merlot-stained tongue in the cheek of wine snobbery. It's a wine tasting game for the rest of us!

UNCORKED! is SOLD OUT for the holidays!

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